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Series "Lubimov Assorted " - new

Wide range of new Lubimov products can satisfy demands of the most exacting chocolate nerds. Here you can find the traditional milk chocolate and delicate dark chocolate with tasty and useful fillings such as hazelnuts, caramelized crunches and milk biscuit.

Series "Corf"

Stylish and romantic collection of chocolate desserts. Unique range of fillings: delicate, dense and rich, light and airy, nutty and chocolate, yoghurt and fruit – all in a crisp crust of dark chocolate decorated with whole nuts – mean a refined taste adventure in the collection of chocolate desserts from our best chocolatier.

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Series "Slab chocolate"

Great taste of chocolate, plain paper packaging - the perfect choice for a cup of tea with family or friends

Series "Chocolate Hearts"

Romantic mood in a range of classic favorite chocolate hearts. Diversity of product range provides a versatile set for any occasion. Chocolate hearts - candy for favorites. Choose your loved ones the perfect gift!

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Series "Lubimov Truff"

Sweets "Lubimov Truff" - this is whole almond in white, milk or black truffle. Lubimov Truff is unique and principle new product for confectionary market. The refined almond in tender truffle is hit of sales at the Ukrainian market.

Series "Chocolate bar"

Chocolate bar "Lubimov" is a lightweight, sophisticated dessert that combines the pleasure of quality chocolate and does not harm the body shape.  It's a small chocolate gift you can let yourself have each day. 

Series "Allsorts Prestige"

Lubimov Allsorts Prestige - candy perfect shape and taste created by the unique chocolate recipes for your pleasure.

Series "Fruit in Chocolate"

Bright and addictive fruit collection is created from a unique combination of fruits in white, milk and dark chocolate. Feel pleasure from the harmonious combination of prunes and exquisite dark chocolate. A combination of milk chocolate and juicy apricots not disregard even the demanding gourmets.

Series "Birds milk"

Thanks to the legendary recipe in 1967, you can enjoy the classic taste of your favorite dessert. You will feel familiar with the taste of childhood sweets with light, airy filling in the form of a soft whipped souffle coated high-quality dark chocolate.

Series "Chocolate with fillings"

Classic dark chocolate 73% of cocoa with exquisite true filling and delicate tiramisu filling - it is a real masterpiece of chocolate art. 

Series "Disney"

Chocolate products from the Disney collection of Lubimov Kids - products of the highest quality. The formulation is specially designed by our technologists for little sweet tooth and is fully compliant with international standards. Quality tested and approved by Disney, which adheres to the highest European requirements for quality and safety of children's products. Chocolate Lubimov Kids - kids love, mom trusted!


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