Dark chocolate with truffle filling




Wide assortment of bars' flavors is able to satisfy the most demanding customers: besides a popular milk chocolate, the lineup has three bars on the basis of natural dark chocolate with the content of 70% of cocoa beans too. According to therapists, 30 grams of dark chocolate may be compared with medication for the content of nutrients and beneficial effects on the body. Chocolate bar "Lubimov" is an elegant dessert, wrapped individually, which will perfectly complement a cup of your favorite beverage in a work break, is an ideal alternative for a quick snack during the day, or will sweeten a friendly meeting in a favorite coffee shop in the evening.

Advantages of the product: 

  • Small portion 
  • Convenient format of packaging 
  • Wide assortment 
  • Dark chocolate is good for health 
  • High quality ingredients 
  • Good as snack 
  • Popular tastes

Chocolate stick “Lubimov” TRUFFLE – black chocolate with a cocoa content 56% and charming truffle filling. Chocolate for fully confident…This chocolate aroma with exciting taste of truffle hides inside magic and attracting power to be confident of your success!

Weight: 38 gramme Sell-by date: 12 months
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